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A proven public servant with deep roots in Cambridge.

I am currently serving my first term as your City Councillor. I am honored to advocate for you and our community by representing your interests in City Hall.

The City of Cambridge has shaped who I am in many ways. My family immigrated to the United States from Karachi, Pakistan when I was two. We were fortunate to win a lottery to enter the Cambridge affordable housing system. I attended Cambridge Public Schools throughout my childhood.

In high school, I developed a passion for civic and community engagement. I served as Student Body President at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. I wanted youth to have a voice in Cambridge, so I co-founded the Cambridge Youth Involvement Subcommittee, now the Cambridge Youth Council

I have a BA from Brown University in public policy, and a JD from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. After law school, I returned home with the goal of serving my community. I am currently a board member of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School Alumni Association. I am a former board member of the Cambridge School Volunteers Inc., and a former Commissioner on the Cambridge Human Services Commission.

My leadership skills, experience in community advocacy, and background as a Cambridge native provide me with an authentic and unique perspective for Cambridge politics.


Cambridge councillors look into limiting election donors seeking benefit from city 

Jun 11, 2019 

“For me, it’s really important to think about improving public trust in government institutions and how we get there,” Siddiqui said. 

Cambridge officials propose cleaning up area around Jerry’s Pond

Jun 4, 2019

After the city was told last year it could not apply for a grant to clean up contamination at the privately owned Jerry’s Pond, officials are considering other ways to try to revitalize the surrounding area.

Pop-ups such as Community Phone fill a void where view could be long-empty storefronts

May 6, 2019

City councillor Sumbul Siddiqui, who has been focused on the problem of unused retail space in her Economic Development Committee, called pop-ups “a unique way to keep a vacant storefront active, even if in the short term,” especially as some vacancies stretch into the years – sometimes because owners get tax write-offs that eliminate their incentive to find a long-term lease. 

Cambridge ‘Digs DEEP’ to address systemic racism

Dec 3, 2018

McGovern and Siddiqui were kicking off what they have dubbed “Cambridge Digs DEEP,” a community-wide engagement series shepherded by the Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP), which has held previous workshops for the Cambridge Public Schools system. Topics addressed include racism, classism and privilege.

Opinion: Increases in public funding to legal aid providers protects tenants

Oct 28, 2018

Since my term as a Cambridge city councilor began in January 2018, housing has been the number one concern for members of our community.




My priorities are shaped by my own experience and values, as well as the conversations I have with you.


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