I'm proud to have the support of the following local and national organizations


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Barbara Lee Political Office is a leading resource for progressive women candidates, with a proven record of success in electing women to office. Their work reflects the core belief that electing progressive women strengthens our democracy, promotes social justice, and builds a more productive, responsive, and accountable government. Barbara Lee has helped elect 140 women in 32 states. Her reach is nationwide. She has helped elect every sitting Democratic woman Governor and U.S. Senator. I am thrilled to have received Barbara Lee's personal support! 

The Blue Lab, a permanent campaign incubator, based in the Liberty Square Group, has the energy of a tech start-up and the experience of veteran campaign consultants. With their enthusiastic support, we will grow our bandwidth to execute our strategic plan.

Cambridge Residents Alliance (CRA) seeks bold change through policies and programs that create and preserve affordable housing, increase democratic participation in elections, improve equity and justice, and enhance economic opportunity. CRA is committed to a future city that prioritizes housing for low and moderate income people as well as environmental and traffic/transit policies that support the lives of a truly diverse and welcoming community. I am honored to receive their support.

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a political and activist organization, not a party; through campus and community-based chapters DSA members use a variety of tactics, from legislative to direct action, to fight for reforms that empower working people. DSA believes that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. I am proud to further the work of the DSA. 

International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 7 A.F.L.-C.I.O is  proud trade association whose beginnings go back to the 1890, currently represent 120,000 members in North America. Members of this union have worked on nearly every major construction project.  Iron Workers Local 7 has fought for better wages for their union members.

Laborers' International Union of North America (LiUNA) General Construction Local 151 is the most progressive, aggressive and fastest-growing union of construction workers, and one of the most diverse and effective unions representing public service employees. LiUNA members are on the forefront of the construction industry – a sector that is a powerhouse of 12 million workers producing 5% of our countries’ economic output. A half-million strong, they are united through collective bargaining agreements which help earn family-supporting pay, good benefits and the opportunity for advancement and better lives. I am pleased to be supporting their efforts. 

Massachusetts Voters for Animals is the state’s only animal protection political action committee. They work to elect the most humane-minded candidates to public office in Massachusetts so that these legislators can enact laws and policies to protect animals. I am very excited to be supporting their important work. 

Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus (MWPC) is a nonpartisan organization committed to increasing the number of women elected to public office and appointed to public policy positions. MWPC seeks to civically engage women of all ages in the political process through events, programming, and workshops. Caucus members include a diverse group of women; including the political, healthcare, biotech, academic, business, corporate, and non-profit communities. The MWPC offers programs that strive to increase the interest of women in the political process and helps them to be successful in the political arena. I am honored to receive their support, as I firmly believe in the mission of promoting women as elected officials.

MassAlliance is a coalition for political and advocacy organizations that work together to build a progressive Massachusetts. MassAlliance works with members to provide leadership for the progressive community, cultivate and empower progressive leaders, and train local champions to run successful campaigns for progressive policies and political office. I am tremendously honored to receive their support, given the incredible work they do around Massachusetts to further the progressive cause. 

Our Revolution Cambridge  seeks to mobilize the Cambridge community to take action around progressive causes. They encourage political participation, raise new generations of progressive leaders, and educate and empower one another. They are an ever-evolving, open, and participatory community. I am excited to support their efforts. 

Our Revolution National seeks to empower the next generation of progressive leaders by inspiring and recruiting progressive candidates to run for offices across the entire spectrum of government. I am honored to receive their endorsement. 

People For the American Way's Next Up Victory Fund supports progressive candidates forty and under running for state and local office across the country. The program helps candidates win races in the short term while creating a pipeline of leaders to run for higher office in years to come.  

Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 was formed to protect the public and insure the health and safety of our environment for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 Boston works to insure that the rights of plumbers are protected at the work site and insure that plumbers and their families do not fall victim to unscrupulous employers who do not pay overtime, the proper prevailing wages, illegally classify plumbers as independent contractors, and force plumbers to perform shoddy work and/or install material and equipment that does not conform to the code.  I am excited to support their efforts. 

Pipefitters of Local 537 was formed in 1911 so that those who install piping systems that carry hot water, steam, air, or other liquids or gases needed for industrial production could receive fair compensation for their work. Pipefitters work both inside and out on new construction projects and also on maintenance and renovation job sites. I am very excited to support UA Local 537 in their efforts. 

Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 was formed in 1896 so that men and women working in the Sheet Metal Industry could bargain collectively for a good day's pay with benefits for a good day's work. Through the years, Local 17 has taken the lead in the Industry, negotiating contracts that have made their members the highest paid with the best benefit package of any Sheet Metal Worker organization in all of New England. I am honored to support their efforts in my campaign.

Sierra Club has an over 45-year legacy of protecting the environment with successful legislative, advocacy, and educational campaigns. The Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, with more than 2.7 million members and supporters. Their successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, they've made history by leading the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy. I am thrilled to be promoting their causes in my campaign.

UAW Local 2320, or the National Organization of Legal Services Workers (NOLSW), AFL-CIO, is the union representing the majority of those who work in federally-funded legal services programs across the USA. UAW Local 2320 also represents workers in other types of law offices and in various human services programs. As a proud member of UAW Local 2320, I am thrilled to receive their support.

Working Families Party (WFP) is a growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters. WFP runs aggressive campaigns to raise standards for working families, works to elect the next generation of progressive leaders, and organizes people to take action. I am eager to promote a better future for working families alongside WFP.