Affordable Housing

There is an immediate need to increase the availability of affordable housing and protect tenants at risk of displacement, so that all who call Cambridge home can remain here. Our focus must be on protection, preservation, and prevention.

Environmental Sustainability

Mitigating climate change and creating an environmentally sustainable city is a challenge that must be addressed head-on, through innovation and community organizing.

Community-Based Growth

Our economy is growing, and our community has tremendous resources at its disposal. But, we can improve how these resources are deployed to better support small businesses and create new employment opportunities.

Equity in Workforce Development

Everyone who lives and works in Cambridge should have access to jobs that pay a living wage, yet many residents still lack secure employment.

Strengthening Public Schools

The health of our community depends on access to education. All young people in Cambridge deserve access to high-quality preschools and opportunities for higher education, and our educators deserve the resources and support they need.

Building Civic Engagement

At a time of national uncertainty, we must become stronger locally. The best way to strengthen our community is by working together, learning from one another, and starting new conversations.