Environmental Sustainability and Climate Resilience

Term One Achievements

Mitigating the effects of climate change and creating an environmentally sustainable city is a challenge that must be addressed head-on, through innovation and community organizing. I’m proud to have initiated the conversation on restoring one of Cambridge’s green spaces, and to have worked with my colleagues to promote climate resiliency.

Cleaning Up Jerry’s Pond:

Since opening the conversation on the revitalization of Jerry’s Pond and the surrounding contaminated “brownfield” area, I’ve engaged the city in action-oriented discussion around plans for future use and remediation of the area. Although GCP, the owners of the parcels in question, has said it has no further plans for Jerry’s Pond, I remain committed to taking steps to clean and improve the area.

Mattress Recycling:

This year, the City partnered with UTEC, a nonprofit organization serving proven-risk young adults, to provide free weekly curbside mattress and box spring recycling services. The executive director of UTEC reached out to me in 2018 when he began speaking to our public works department, and I helped push for support of the partnership. Approximately 100 tons of mattresses are trashed in Cambridge each year, taking up a massive amount of space in landfills compared to other waste. This initiative supports the city’s goals of reducing waste.

Electric Vehicles:

I have co-sponsored policy initiatives supporting a community Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy. I will ensure that the EV Strategy recommendations prioritize equitable access to EV opportunities and EV charging for all Cambridge residents, regardless of their neighborhood.

Ongoing Efforts

We can always deepen our commitment to climate justice. I’ll continue supporting:

  • A requirement that all new developments construct rooftop gardens or install solar panels.

  • A partnership with Mothers Out Front to green urban rooftops.

  • Steps to increase our tree canopy and create necessary tree protections.